Collection: Confectionery, Chocolate & Jam

Buy chocolates, Maison Toussaint jams and sweets are guaranteed to please you during your gourmet breaks. The fruits present in our jams are picked when ripe in order to reveal all their aromas. And only the best varieties are selected for their taste qualities. Maison Toussaint highlights the know-how and the passion for taste. The manufacturing processes of our artisanal jams have remained the same for several years. Short and controlled cooking is essential in order to fully preserve the flavor of the fruits carefully chosen for their taste and thus reduce the sugar content. Our jams are 100% natural and are without coloring or preservatives. You will only find the good taste of the fruit. They are made with 55% fruit and 45% brown cane sugar. Our apricot jam contains organic apricots to preserve all the flavors of the fruit. 

The Maison Toussaint boutique offers a whole range of very gourmet artisanal products that will allow you to smoothly accompany your toast, pancakes, waffles, desserts or other sweets. 

You can also buy chocolates Gianduiotti or the Gianduja chocolate cream composed of hazelnuts from Piedmont. Our soft Gianduiotti chocolates will leave you with a little nutty taste that will make you crack. Our Gianduja chocolate cream is made with 50% Piedmont hazelnuts in chocolate for a mix of sweetness and subtlety. It is without added fat and GMO-free. A simple teaspoon will satisfy your gourmet breaks and complete your breakfasts. 

Buy chocolates, jams and confectionery Maison Toussaint will allow you to complete your little moments of pleasure throughout the day. Rediscover the pleasure of tasting homemade chocolate cream. You can even serve it with one of our delicious spice cakes with authentic taste.