Maison Toussaint presentation

The history of the Toussaint family begins in 1996 when Pascal opened his first artisan bakery in Chenôve, city of greater Dijon. In 2005, his wife Corinne joined him. In 2011, they totaled six artisan bakeries, where the bread is renowned for being authentic and of quality in the Burgundy region. In 2005, Pascal created a gingerbread, for which he received the silver medal in 2007, then the gold medal in 2008, voted Best Dijon Gingerbread by the Dijon Gingerbread Brotherhood.

A true specialty in Burgundy, this delicacy was then available in “Le Pétrin Toussaint” bakeries in the Dijon region.


In 2008, she decided to promote this gingerbread, renamed " Honey and spice cake », Thanks to its incomparable softness. It was first of all in France with the cheesemakers that she decided to offer this famous "Toussaint spice cakes", because associated with certain cheeses it is a delight!

Faced with the success encountered, Corinne launched internationally, notably in Belgium, then in Canada, in England in 2010, in Switzerland and in Asia with Bangkok, Singapore and finally Hong Kong and Macau more recently.

Creator above all, Corinne then develops artisanal biscuits, Bon Sablés, a range of handmade shortbread without any additives. Then she started making Arcelottes, small gingerbread meringues, delicious and crunchy. Les Demoiselles, with fruits (lemon or candied orange). Finally, Efti with coffee, gluten-free delicacies with hazelnuts from France are appearing, more recently those with chocolate complete the range.

Since its creation, Maison Toussaint has been a fully-fledged entity with the construction of its building and manufacturing workshop in Arcelot. In 2019, eager to share their creations and be close to their customers, Maison Toussaint is opening a crêperie in its shop in Arcelot. The required HACCP standards are a priority to ensure food safety for all customers at every stage of manufacturing.

Our Secret: The ingredients

Our secret is that there aren't any. The quality of our production comes from the ingredients that we select with great rigor and attention.
Since 1996, we always use the best ingredients, our products are made without preservatives, without coloring.
Corinne Toussaint, trained at renowned pastry schools, has created and developed authentic recipes by combining quality ingredients. All of them are involved in making cookies, cakes and meringues. They receive training throughout their career in the company.
Our philosophy is to make quality products with quality ingredients. Our company respects HACCP hygiene standards and processes.
We are present in: Canada, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, Austria, Denmark ...